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  • St. Patrick's Day Festival 2018
    Grote Markt The Hague

    Irish music ⭐ dancing ⭐ food

  • Saturday March 17th 2018
    12h - 23h
    Grote Markt Den Haag

  • Come join us for the biggest and best St. Patrick's Day "Drowning of the Shamrock" celebration in The Netherlands!

  • Every year on March 17th the Irish and the Irish-at-heart across the globe observe St. Patrick's Day.  For the 8th year running, the Grote Markt Den Haag proudly welcome you to join in The Netherlands celebration in cooperation with the Irish Club Netherlands and Den Haag GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association).

    Enjoy traditional Irish Food in the local cafes, on stage be in awe of the Irish Step Dancers, shake a leg to the live bands and of course - endless pints of Guinness on tap to keep you dancing.

  • music
  • Music

  • More Power To Your Elbow

    More Power To your Elbow are an eight piece international Celtic rock folk band we’ve invited over from the Irish Mid Ulster area. They’ve just celebrated their 25th year on the road. This extraordinary bunch of musicians have entertained audiences the world over with their lively energetic set of jigs, reels and songs. Always lively and red hot, their unique brand of Celtic rock has enthralled thousands. Let’s get the ‘craic’ going!

  • Olcan Masterson & Friends

    Those familiar with Sandro Bruti’s Dramtune whiskey tastings (also present at this year’s celebration!), may have had the pleasure of hearing Olcan Masterson in action before. As a Dramtune ‘house friend’ we know we’re in for a session of great music with mr. Masterson and his friends. Proud to announce that we are inviting him over from Ireland – the man who masters the fiddle like few others in the country! The master fiddler is accompanied by accordeonist/fisherman Victor Alexander, Rosey McCabe on the Irish Harp and singer/guitarist Eamonn Loughran.

  • Devil in the Kitchen

    A Scottish-Dutch duo with a big heart for Irish & Scottish folk tunes! Any show of these two ends up in a magical, enchanting party of pub songs, ballads, jigs & reels with a shot of rock’n’roll. Get ready for a wild joyride on the fiddle, whistles, bouzouki & bodhran. Passion, humor & general good times guaranteed!

  • Acting the Maggot

    Traditional Irish folk music with a popular sound, brought to you on the accordion, banjo, tin whistle, violin, guitars and drums. In a festive flurry of all your favorites by The Dubliners, The Pogues, Flogging Molly and The Fureys, this band encourages us all to start fooling around – aka to act the maggot!

  • Riverflow

    ‘Sheep folk’, ‘confetti folk’, ‘punkfolk’, 'folkabilly', 'ska folk' and 'feastfolk – this 6-piece Irish folk band has heard it all before. They don’t mind – they know that whatever label is put on them, people are going to have a good time. Heavily influenced by the Pogues en Dubliners sounds, they blend catchy Irish folk with their own musical backgrounds. Result: the party level during their performances go far over any Richter’s scale.

  • Dramtune whisky & tunes

    We're pleased to announce that Dramtune Whisky Tasting will be on board again this year! Come by at Sandro Bruti's for a taste of some great whiskies, a good story and some vibrant Irish tunes. More info soon!

  • Afterparty with Circle J

    After the lights go out, we huddle together in de Zwarte Ruiter for some seriously sweaty afterpartying. We’re in excellent hands: Circle J’s stomping folk-infused punk and sing-along folktales have been a sure-fire recipe for heavy partying, drinking, dancing and assorted acts of mayhem. Sharpen your axes, put on your dancin’ boots and join the Mighty Circle J for a fine bout of folkpunk frenzy.

  • Irish Dance

  • Redmond School of Irish dancing Holland

    This school is one of a kind and this year we are happy to have them on stage. The school offers Irish dancing to all ages and levels and travels around Europe to perform their traditional Irish dancing skills. On Saint Paddy’s they’ll leave you in awe with their true Irish dance!

  • Kilkenny School of Irish Dancing,The Netherlands

    The in The Hague-based school teaches Irish dance to all ages, starting from only four years old. With achievements as numerous championship titles and their dancers reaching a semi-final place in the tv-show ‘Holland’s Got Talent’, you will definitely be stunned by their performance here at the Grote Markt. Feel free to dance along!e.

  • Celtic Swing School of Irish Dancing

    More info soon!

  • Kyra Show Group

    More info soon!

  • St. Patrick is the patron Saint and National Apostle of Ireland and credited with bringing Christianity to Ireland. What began as a Catholic Church feast day in the 1600's has evolved into a secular celebration of Irish culture and one of the biggest worldwide parties on the calendar. Plan on wearing green as St. Patrick used the shamrock in his teachings about Catholicism. The colour to wear on this day? Green! The colour of the shamrock (klavertje) that St. Patrick used in his teachings is the only colour that will make sure you won’t get pinched by leprechauns.

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